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The Essel Jé Slay Experience is about so much more than hair; it is about conquering. Conquering life, dreams, hopes, aspirations, fears and anything else that thinks it can stand in the way of the life you have and the life you deserve. Essel knows that great hair comes with the tenacity of being unstoppable. And, with just over 17 years of experience, she had dedicated herself to putting everything she knows and loves into each creation. Born and raised in the hair mecca, Essel has somewhat of a helpful advantage in her knowledge of the rapidly expanding and changing hair industry. Selflessly, she shared that knowledge and product information with her customers and clients. Aside from her passion of hair, Essel also has a passion for understanding people. Her background in Psychology affords her the ability to effectively communicate with those around her and understand what it is they are looking for. In combining both of her passions, The Essel Jé Slay Experience was born. And it's an experience unlike any other. Dedication to customer service, the eye for detail and perfection serves as the underlying principles on which her company was founded and are the same fundamental operations it continues to stand on today. 


It's not just a purchase. It's not just an interaction. It's an experience. And it's time you experience the luxury. 

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